Windfall is set in the same universe as The Son, the Wind, and the Reign (SWR), except SWR is set at the beginning of the Millennial Reign and Windfall is set at the end.

The series opens with humanity still reeling from the disappearance of a race of titans known as the Wind. For 960 years, the Wind ruled the Earth, claiming to be Jesus Christ and his followers, claiming to fulfill the prophecy of a millennial rule with a rod of iron and using their overwhelming strength to ruthlessly enforced two simple guidelines: Submit or die and treat others as you wish to be treated. Ever since the appearance of the Wind, most have complied. After all, the Wind employed their considerable technologies to provide for every physical human need. For almost as long as humans can remember, there has been no hunger, no need to work, no crime, no disease, and abundant energy for all. And humanity has prospered, spreading to other worlds in the solar system, and even planets in other nearby star systems.

Then, 960 years after the Wind arrived, they disappeared and humans awoke to find themselves surrounded by technologies that they barely understood, submissives without a master, a race accustomed to utopia with no idea how to maintain it without the heavy hand of their overlords.

The Windfall series begins in 974 ADR (Anno Domini Reditus, “In the Year of Our Lord’s Return”), almost 15 years after the disappearance of the Wind. There will be 24 books in the series covering the final years of the Millennial Reign and I expect to be working on this series into my seventies! 😉

Please be aware: This series is gritty and earthy. It is not for the squeamish or easily offended. But there is lots of action and a few profound things to think about along the way!

Here’s the volumes that are available thus far:

WF1_KindleCoverSizedTo1200x800Windfall: The 99 and 1 (The Conviction Opus, Part One) is available in the following versions:




WF2Cover_V7_Vinette_SmallWindfall: Broadcast (The Conviction Opus, Part Two) is available in the following versions:




WF3Cover_vignetter_smallWindfall: The Strait Gate (The Conviction Opus, Part Three) is available in the following versions:




cover_vignette_fixed_200x300Windfall: A Seed Discarded (The Conviction Opus, Part Four) is available in the following versions:




Cover4PostBetaChildVignette-Final3-199x300Windfall: The Reddening Sky (The Conviction Opus, Part Five) is available in the following versions:




Windfall: Wheat and Tares (The Conviction Opus, Part Six) is available in the following versions:




Next up: Windfall: Virgins (The Conviction Opus, Part Seven)