still whispers

Still Whispers CoverI think everybody should go through this exercise: Turn 50, write a book about the things you think you’ve learned. When I mentioned to an acquaintance that I was working on this project, he snickered and asked if I had found enough to write about. I smiled and admitted that I had decided to stop at 250 pages. Of course, I’ve been known to run off at the mouth! So, blathering along for 250 pages really isn’t a problem for me.

Silliness aside, I have for many years pondered how life works: How do I know that a decision is the right decision? How do I create an environment of success for myself and those around me? How can I be sure that I’ll look back on my life ten, twenty, thirty years from now and think, “Ya know…ya did okay.” (Of course, most of all, I have always wanted to know that when I stood before Him, He would say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”)

Still Whispers is a compilation built from conversations over dinner. I have been blessed with friends who have afforded me their fellowship and wisdom. And my life is richer for it.

Still Whispers is available in the following editions: