son wind reign

Son Wind Reign CoverThis is the novel that I worked on in the hiatuses between the Nitpicker’s Guides. Each guide would take about seven month to complete. That left me five months to work on this!

The Son, the Wind and the Reign series occurs during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ. I find it a fascinating setting because humans often claim that if God would just reveal Himself, then they would believe. And, according to  the literal interpretation of the Revelation, at the end of time God will do just this: the Divine will reveal himself and govern for a thousand years.

Yet, I suspect that there will still be those that find reasons to doubt. Often, belief has more to do with presuppositions and mental frameworks than facts. Hence, the central question of the book: How would you know the difference between aliens and the Divine?

There are at least three books in this series, and I have ideas for two others.That makes a total of at least five books in this epic. If they are all as long as this one, it’s going to be a lot of pages to write because Book One of The Son, the Wind and the Reign is 630 pages!

Please note: This particular series is written for people who love words and love to read. Please don’t buy this and then write to tell me that you think the plot moves too slow. 😉 This story is told at a leisurely pace.

The Son, the Wind and the Reign is available in the following editions: