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Greetings All!

Update 2014-07-01: The beta copies are sent! Thanks to everyone who signed up. The deadline for beta reader input is September 1, 2014. Hope you enjoy the book!

The first book in the Windfall series is ready for “Beta” readers! It’s called “Windfall: The 99 and 1.”

coverV7BigV3WebBeta reading is pretty simple. I send you a free copy of the book. You read it. You give me any kind of input and I put your name in the acknowledgements at the end of the book when I put out the production version. If you’d like to know more about the Windfall series before you decide, just click on the “windfall” link on the left side menu.

“Windfall: The 99 and 1” is 360 pages long. It is not a children’s book. I plan to send out the books the first week of July and the deadline for input will be September 1, 2014 (which means you’ll have two months to read it).

I have already ordered 40 copies for the Beta readers and I have 30 names on the list so there aren’t many slots left. If you would like to become a Beta reader, simply click here to order a copy. It’s free but the checkout process will give you me your mailing address and email address that I can put in my files. Thanks in advance for you help!

Have a great day!


the great adventure


My name is Phil Farrand and I am on a great adventure. I turn fifty-five this year (2013). I love that! I’ve always enjoyed getting older: learning, growing, discovering.

If you’d like to know more about the first half of my life, click on the “biography” link on the left-side menu.

As for today, I work as a computer consultant with a wonderful group of information technologists who support the ministries of a large non-profit organization. The organization employs over one thousand workers in a headquarters complex that spans eighteen buildings covering ten city blocks. The projects are invigorating. Every day brings new challenges. It’s good!

I am also living a fundamental epoch in my life. I am–at the core of my being–a storyteller. I love writing. I even made my living as a writer for five years. While it’s true that I took ten year detour from writing in my forties, it is also true that detour helped me understand why I write.

When I made my living as a writer, I knew “what” I wanted to write. Over the course of those five years, I even learned “how” to write. But it was only after a ten year hiatus that I finally understood why I  write.

I write to understand my world. I write to help myself live a fundamentally more successful life. And, if my writing can help and challenge a few other people along the way, that would be great!

So… as long as you’re here, take a look around and thanks for dropping by!



Greetings All!

Many years ago, I started this site using Joomla. I set up everything and promptly got busy doing other things. Of course, technology doesn’t age well and I suspect that the site finally got hacked and shut it down. (I had received a notification about this potential a couple of months ago but wasn’t able to locate any who could upgrade the site because it was so old.)

So… all the posts that I did on the Joomla site are gone and I have just created a new WordPress site to replace it. In time, I will fill it out with all the categories that I had on the other site. I say “in time” because I am busy, at the moment, with planning out a huge writing project and I don’t want to be distracted. 😉

More to come!