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  1. Hey Phil!
    Hope all is well for you! I am a big “Star Trek” fan and have your books (nitpicking books), I love ’em. I have one pick I thought I would share with you,
    it was in “The Ultimate Computer”. In the corridor after leaving Daystrom in engineering Kirk, Spock and McCoy are discussing M-5, after McCoy says something about what M-5 has planned, Kirk says ( … or what HE is planning” ).
    I thought Kirk’s choice of words especially HE when referring to M-5 was a bit strange. Maybe you could e-mail back at your convenience and let me know what you think. Thank you!

  2. Watching Star Trek Enterprise. I have a very serious nitpick. There is no Federation, no Starbases No means of making new shuttle pods. So why in every episode when they lose a shuttle pod have they always have two in the next episode.

      • I found another one in Star Trek TNG the episode Disaster. The ship is a sitting duck and badly crippled. But are they have shuttle craft on board they are independent of the ship. Why can’t someone find away to a shuttle bay, and use a shuttles communication systems to send a distress signal on a Starfleet Emergency frequence.

        • Bobby! Thanks for the input! Honestly… I’m not really collecting nits on Star Trek any more. I’m off writing my own fiction now. But if you would like to wander over to you can sign up to post on the boards over there. Have a great day!


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