beta reader comments using adobe reader


Thank you again to my beta readers!! It’s a huge help. In the past, beta reader have sent in their input in many ways, and I want to stress that you can still sent in that input any way you choose. However there is a method that I would like to highlight and ask you to consider using… IF you don’t want to simply mark up your book and send it back.

Instead of sending your book back, however, if you would rather send your input electronically, might I suggest this:

  • Write me at and ask me to send you a PDF of the book you are beta reading.
  • Download Adobe Reader here if you don’t have it already:
  • Use the highlighting and commenting tools in Adobe Reader to mark up the PDF.
  • Make sure you do a Save As to another filename when you’re done. And add your name to the file. This will help me know its from you AND will greatly drop the size of the file.
  • Email it back to me when you are done.

You can watch a quick demo of the process here:

Thanks again for your help!!