the great adventure


My name is Phil Farrand and I am on a great adventure. I turn fifty-five this year (2013). I love that! I’ve always enjoyed getting older: learning, growing, discovering.

If you’d like to know more about the first half of my life, click on the “biography” link on the left-side menu.

As for today, I work as a computer consultant with a wonderful group of information technologists who support the ministries of a large non-profit organization. The organization employs over one thousand workers in a headquarters complex that spans eighteen buildings covering ten city blocks. The projects are invigorating. Every day brings new challenges. It’s good!

I am also living a fundamental epoch in my life. I am–at the core of my being–a storyteller. I love writing. I even made my living as a writer for five years. While it’s true that I took ten year detour from writing in my forties, it is also true that detour helped me understand why I write.

When I made my living as a writer, I knew “what” I wanted to write. Over the course of those five years, I even learned “how” to write. But it was only after a ten year hiatus that I finally understood why I  write.

I write to understand my world. I write to help myself live a fundamentally more successful life. And, if my writing can help and challenge a few other people along the way, that would be great!

So… as long as you’re here, take a look around and thanks for dropping by!